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(Sep 16, 2013)
Wincy, moved your post to the shiny new "Introductions" forums!
(Sep 16, 2013)
Yup, sure is! Welcome to the group.
(Sep 15, 2013)
Is this still active?
(Sep 02, 2013)
We are working on the details for a Pokemon X & Y launch party. Please share your thoughts on the idea in the thread.
(Aug 11, 2013)
Have added more MH4 videos!!
(Aug 09, 2013)
Lucky for me I have not had to solo him....yet.
(Aug 06, 2013)
I'd just like to say... Dire Miralis is a pain to solo, man.
(Jun 28, 2013)
Who's going to be able to make it tonight??
(Jun 11, 2013)
well things have been interesting lately, i got my son out of a random visit this weekend i was like O_O
(Jun 06, 2013)
As long as my work doesn't get stupid again it's game on for Friday night!!
(May 30, 2013)
but now im back
(May 30, 2013)
had some issues here and there
(May 30, 2013)
long time no speak everyone
(May 17, 2013)
Everyone please note there will be no meetup on Friday, May 24th. We will resume again on May 31st
(May 05, 2013)
Serindel, please check the comments in the next Tabletop events
(Apr 29, 2013)
Got my monster hunter cards, I wish we had these in the states
(Apr 27, 2013)
Hey JFisch, and Dread
(Apr 25, 2013)
alright ill be there in 20
(Apr 25, 2013)
Fisch read event comment if you can today.
(Apr 22, 2013)