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Forum Edits and Pokemon Release Party

DreaddJester / Sep 16, 2013
I have trimmed and edited the forums a bit. Don't worry, all the old posts are still there, but they may be moved a bit. Changes include the following......

Added an "Introductions" forum for new folks.
Added a dedicated Pokémon forum
Removed some of the excessive "Strategies" forums and trimmed it down to just "Monster Hunter Strategies"
Added a dedicated Pokémon Strategies forum.
Moved various posts into newer and more defined forums where needed.

Anyhow, take a look at them and let me know what you think.

Also about the Pokémon X&Y Release Party..... This is a go so far as I'm concerned but is dependent on if GameStop is having a midnight release for the game. Most of us have pre-ordered at the Roe Gamestop. Let me know in the thread if you'd like to attend.


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