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Getting It's Stride

DreaddJester / Apr 20, 2013
The site order and forums are now complete for the most part. We've gotten several members over the past week and events have been scheduled. Everything is looking very nice and it's great to see successful meetups going on.

Future events that have been talked about include a Monster Hunter BBQ with some SOOOOO TASTY meat and a park meetup that coinsides with a LARP group meetup so you can fight in the game for a bit then go fight in real life for a bit...

As always any suggestions for the site or for meetups are more than welcome. Look forward to seeing you all at future events!!

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Muhahahahaha -poor english sub titles, to japanese language- you shall never defeat me while i wield my sword and shield. -right hand extends and motions for the next challenger to bring it- >:)
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