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DreaddJester / Sep 16, 2013
I have trimmed and edited the forums a bit. Don't worry, all the old posts are still there, but they may be moved a bit. Changes include the following......

Added an "Introductions" forum for new folks.
Added a dedicated Pokémon forum
Removed some of the excessive "Strategies" forums and trimmed it down to just "Monster Hunter Strategies"
Added a dedicated Pokémon Strategies forum.
Moved various posts into newer and more defined forums where needed.

Anyhow, take a look at them and let me know what you think.

Also about the Pokémon X&Y Release Party..... This is a go so far as I'm concerned but is dependent on if GameStop is having a midnight release for the game. Most of us have pre-ordered at the Roe Gamestop. Let me know in the thread if you'd like to attend.
DreaddJester / May 05, 2013
We're starting to get enough members now to begin considering events we'd like to hold in the comming months. I'm excited with the idea of holding larger gathering of Monster Hunter fans in the KC area.

With this in mind we now have several event proposals in the events section of the forums. If you have the time please go check them out, comment on them, and let us know if you'd be interested in them or not.

Furthermore, if you have an idea for an event you'd like to run put up a post for it as well. We enjoy hearing any and all ideas anyone may have.
DreaddJester / Apr 29, 2013
On Nintendo Life today was a news story about a London based Monster Hunter community much like our own here in KC. They currently have 70+ members and are starting to host some truly epic events. A link to the article is here: Monster Hunter London Gathering..... I've gone ahead and added a link to their Facebook Group in our links section.

After reading about them it gave me inspiration and hope for our own little community here. We may not have as many members but we have started to form lasting lasting friendships and I see our numbers growing here and there each week. I made a post in that article about our own group and what we've got going on which was replyed back to from one of the London groups officials. In short they gave us encouragement and suggested that perhaps we could hold an "Across the Pond" linked event with photos. Sounds like a good idea to me!!

So, what do you all think?? I'd love to see us grow to the numbers that we too could hold larger events and I know we've kicked around the idea before. If any of you know of websites where we could promote our KC group then please go ahead and let folks know we're here. If you have friends playing Monster Hunter let them know we're working on some larger events and we'd love to have them join with us. In the mean time, lets keep kicking some monster butt and having fun.
DreaddJester / Apr 20, 2013
The site order and forums are now complete for the most part. We've gotten several members over the past week and events have been scheduled. Everything is looking very nice and it's great to see successful meetups going on.

Future events that have been talked about include a Monster Hunter BBQ with some SOOOOO TASTY meat and a park meetup that coinsides with a LARP group meetup so you can fight in the game for a bit then go fight in real life for a bit...

As always any suggestions for the site or for meetups are more than welcome. Look forward to seeing you all at future events!!