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Need MH4U friend codes!!!

Hey guys. It's been a long while! I'm progressing through MH4U and wanted to reconnect with you guys to tackle some of those harder quests. Leave me your friend code on 3ds and let's hunt some monsters.
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Is this forum still active?

I'm just wondering if this forum is still active. I lived in the KC area and looking to find some hunters to hunt with. With that being said my gamename is Hamurio.Yoroshiku.
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Glad to see other people in kc are playing monster hunter. I play mostly on wii u but could transfer to 3ds if there are any local events. I'm at HR152 right now and primarily use ls, db and lbg.
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Hey there I finally got a 3ds a few weeks ago and of course my first new games on it are Monster Hunter and Pokemon X, I beat X within the first week but am working on MH3U which I had forgotten how much I love it. Im still a bit rusty but Im glka...
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Hi I'm new

Hi, just got MH3U on my 3ds, got about 90 hours played. Looking for people for multiplayer, I unlocked Hi rank village about a week ago and hi rank port yesterday. MH4 looks awesome, and the online multiplayer is going to be great! Have any of you...
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New Guy

Hello guys I just found this site today and i'm super excited.Monster Hunter is my main hobby and the only game I really play.I have been playing since the monster hunter freedom.I currently only own the 3ds version but i'm saving for my wii uas w...
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